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About us

Individual Enterprise "Enem" (Turkmenistan) is an independent business entity with all pursuant legal rights in accordance with the legislation of Turkmenistan. The enterprise was founded in 2000 on a basis of a “Decision of the owner and incorporator” and carries out its activity as per requirements established by the legislation of Turkmenistan and company’s Charter.

The company has been registered under number №16115029 in the Turkmenistan Unified State Register of legal entities since 05 May 2000. The company’s operations are aimed on supplying the Turkmenistan market with high quality pharmaceutical, hygienic and sanitary products of trusted and reputable manufacturers. By doing that we are also trying to contribute to growth of people’s living standards, improvement of the national economic infrastructure, supporting and developing of the social initiatives.

The company’s operations mainly consist of wholesale and retail trading activities as well market promotion of the pharmaceutical and medical products. During twelve years of existence the company proved itself to be a reliable and irreproachable business partner. Currently list of products sold by “Enem” includes various brands of well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Great Britain, USA, Poland and etc. That gives us an opportunity to ensure availability of the most commercially required pharmaceutical products in wide assortment.

To avoid unnecessary increases in sales prices our company is oriented to the direct supply from manufacturing companies without involvement of intermediary companies of any kind.

"Enem" is a distributor of pharmaceutical products of the world famous companies, which have acquired a reputation of world famous manufacturers of high quality products for healthy and long life.

Company’s extensive and specified network of retail partners all over the country allows us to supply products to all regions. The company maintains a wholesale warehouse in the center of capital city of Ashgabat. Well organized and professional work team ensures timely fulfillment of all kinds of orders in a short period of time. The company attracts customers by the quality of its services, convenient supply conditions and flexible system of discounts, which creates conceptually different scheme of partner relationship, develops innovative work methods and improves effectiveness of cooperation.

Properly organized marketing, team spirit, high quality of service and ultimately competitive prices contribute to our success. We also assist manufacturers and distributors with promotion and state registration of pharmaceutical products in Turkmenistan. We regularly invite medical specialists and doctors for “round table” discussions and consultations which are being held in the conference hall of our company.

Currently, the main priorities of "Enem" company are:

  • Meet and exceed customers’ expectations and requirements;
  • Build an effective selling and price strategy;
  • Optimize quality-service-price ratio;
  • Increase sales volumes;
  • Explore new market opportunities and search for new partners.



Ashgabat, O.Kuliyeva st., 33
tel: (+99312) 22-72-04/05/06
fax: (+99312) 22-66-01
email: office@ieenem.com